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     Destination:   Scientology


    Destination: Scientology, Kaohsiung Traces the Roots of the Religion

    The Love River winds through this city of ancient tradition and 21st-century innovation, a city built on the foundation of Confucianism—Kaohsiung, Taiwan.

    Stop and Smell the Roses Destination: Scientology, Pasadena

    The Tournament of Roses and the Rose Bowl are world famous. In fact, this New Year’s Day tradition is synonymous with the Ball Drop of Times Square.

    A Cultural Home at the Crossroads of Irish Culture Is Destination: Scientology, Dublin

    Dublin, Ireland, is a thousand-year-old city, famed for its poets and writers, its traditional dance and its welcoming spirit making anyone feel at home.

    Land of Fairy Tales Destination: Scientology, Copenhagen

    It is the city of Hans Christian Andersen—and the birthplace of some of the world’s most beloved fairy tales. Originally a small fishing village established by the Vikings, today Copenhagen—Denmark’s capital city—is one of the world’s premier tourist destinations.

    Feelin’ the Heat with Destination: Scientology, Miami

    Miami, Florida. A tropical paradise unlike any other, it is a sultry melting pot of many different customs and cultures, spiced with a lot of Latin heat.

    Diversity Stars in Multicultural Destination: Scientology, Harlem

    For generations it’s been the cultural hub of African-American and Caribbean life in the United States.

    At the Intersection of Tradition and Trendsetting is Destination Scientology: London

    A stone’s throw away from St. Paul’s Cathedral, in the center of the City of London, there’s another historic building of religious importance—the Church of Scientology London.

    Culture, Coffee and Sports History Star In Destination Scientology: Melbourne

    Melbourne is one of the world’s most culturally diverse cities. It is also a city known for its coffee, food and as the sporting capital of the world. In Melbourne, sport is a religion that crosses all cultures and faiths.

    Studios Set the Backdrop for Destination Scientology in the San Fernando Valley

    Formerly vast swaths of citrus orchards and old Hollywood movie sets, today the San Fernando Valley has morphed into a land of aerospace pioneers, global entertainment giants and diverse, growing communities.