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    Original Series

    An American firefighter and an ultra-hip Japanese stylist are some of the people featured.

    From Clay Artist to Coffee Roaster

    From Exercise Physiologist to Music Composer

    From Photographer to Restaurant Owner

    From Off-Roader to Filmmaker

    From Sheep Farmer to Nut Roaster

    From Fisherman to Writer

    From Army Veteran to Professional Dancers

    From Magician to Competitive Swimmer

    From Fine Artist to Master Gardener

    From Golfer to Make-up Artist

    From Wood Artist to Hot Air Balloon Pilot

    From Tree Trimmer to Image Consultant

    From Chef to African Queen

    From Symphony Conductor to Costume Designer

    From Leather Designer to Paraglider

    Father’s Day Special

    From Audiovisual Artist to Motorcycle Coach

    From Food Taster to Electrical Engineer

    From Scuba Diver to Farm Owner

    From Artistic Woodworker to Coffee Roaster

    From Surfer to Charity Organization President

    Mother’s Day Special

    From Veterinarian to Engineer

    From Skateboarder to Chef

    From Voice Actor to Classical Dancer

    From Author to Dirt Bike Rider

    From Sports Team Owner to Building Preservationist

    From Logo Designer to Video Producer

    From Motorcycle Coach to TV & Radio Announcer

    From Circus Arts Performer to General Contractor

    From Non-GMO Farmer to Mixing Engineer

    From Gallery Owner to Aerial Advertiser

    From Flight Instructor to Architectural Illustrator

    From Personal Image Consultant to Composer

    From Attorney to Veterinarian

    From Portrait Artist to Screenwriter

    From Brand Designer to Auto Repair Shop Manager

    From Performing Artist to School Teacher

    From Cheerleading Coach to Sculptor

    From A/V Producer to Accountant

    From Show Dog Breeder to Engineering Student

    From Stone Cutter to Film Director

    From Illustrator to Physician

    From Vintage Motorcycle Consultant to Orthodontist

    From Piano Technician to Beatboxer

    From Pizza Artisan to City Guide

    From Roofer to School Teacher

    From Sound Engineer to Karate Instructor

    From Performer to Construction Manager

    From Salon Owner to Painter

    From Hairdresser to Singer

    From Mother to Media Consultant

    From Father to Skateboarder

    From Firefighter to Percussionist

    I am a Scientologist


    This series features short and uplifting vignettes of Scientologists from all different walks of life and from every corner of the world. A wide array of everyday people, from just about every imaginable occupation, give personal accounts on a wide variety of topics, from succeeding at work to raising a family. But no matter how different their careers, or how remote the distances between them, each of them credit the simple yet powerful tools of Scientology as having transformed their lives and influenced their success.

    SEASON 4

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    Original Series