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    Michael – USA

    Who are Scientologists? Meet Michael, an electrician from the United States.

    “Scientology helps me a lot in my job,” says Michael. “Prior to doing the courses I was very impulsive. I was very difficult. I’m kind of a perfectionist and when anything didn’t go perfect or right it really frustrated me and made it hard for me to manage other people as well as just manage myself.

    “So I found that with the Scientology courses I was able to be more in control, more calm, more able to just competently handle whatever I was doing.”

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    מבחן ניתוח היכולת של אוקספורד (OCA)

    עשה את מבחן האישיות המדויק והאמין ביותר.

    מבחן האישיות OCA והייעוץ ללא תשלום בנוגע לתוצאות ניתנים ללא שום מחויבות - זאת פשוט הזדמנות נהדרת ללמוד יותר בנוגע לעצמך.

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