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    —November 23, 2019—


    Therapy or Torture:
    The Truth about Electroshock
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    Documentary Description

    It hits the head with the force of a 40-pound cinder block dropped seven and a half feet. It’s been described by patients as a grenade going off in your body. It’s called electroconvulsive therapy. And, despite what you might think, it’s not an antiquated medical practice of some bygone era. In fact, ECT is inflicted on a million people worldwide. Every year.

    In this gripping exposé, the $5.4 billion ECT business, its history, practitioners and devastating results are revealed in graphic detail.

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    Quick Facts

    • The ECT death rate is 50 times higher than the US murder rate. #BanECT
    • ECT sends up to 460 volts of electricity through the brain in order to induce a grand mal seizure. #BanECT
    • With an estimated 100,000 Americans a year given ECT, for a total of about $260 worth of electricity, psychiatrists have created a $5.4 billion shock empire. #BanECT
    • The human brain operates on 0.2 volts, nearly eight times less than the power of a watch battery—1.5 volts—compared to up to 460 volts put through the brain in a single shock treatment, 2,300 times the electricity that the brain uses to function. #BanECT
    • Side effects of ECT include amnesia (substantial and permanent memory loss), confusion, disorientation, apathy, disinterest, headaches, nausea, slowed reaction time, lowered intellectual function and death. #BanECT
    • ECT can cause a 20- to 40-point drop in IQ. #BanECT
    • The FDA has never required clinical studies that prove electroshock is either safe or effective, despite being used for more than 80 years. #BanECT

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