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    Happy Holidays

    Scientology Network wishes you happy holidays! Unwrap classic Christmas songs performed by award-winning artists.



    O Christmas Tree

    Performed by Jess Fairlie

    Sing along with Australian singer-songwriter Jess Fairlie as she performs one of the all-time Christmas classics, “O Christmas Tree.”


    Let’s Celebrate

    Performed by France D’Amour

    Acclaimed Canadian singer-songwriter France D’Amour sings “Let’s Celebrate,” one of her original works and an absolute gem of a song that’s perfect for the holidays!


    Up on the Housetop

    Performed by Hana-li

    Talented singer-songwriter Hana-li teams up with Santa this year to give us a modern pop rendition of “Up on the Housetop.”


    We Wish You a Merry Christmas

    Performed by David Pomeranz

    Multi-Platinum singer-songwriter David Pomeranz serves up a sleigh full of holiday cheer with his spirited version of the most fun Christmas song ever—“We Wish You a Merry Christmas!”


    Deck the Halls

    Performed by Ryder Green

    Join the chorus in this dynamic rock ’n’ roll rendition of “Deck the Halls” by singer-songwriter Ryder Green and friends. Fa-la-la-la-la!


    Los Peces en el Rio

    Performed by Alberto Plaza

    Multi Gold and Platinum artist Alberto Plaza brings you the popular Latin holiday song “Los Peces en el Rio” and a wish to stay well.


    Silent Night

    Performed by Carmel Gaddis

    A powerful performance of “Silent Night” from country singer-songwriter Carmel Gaddis.


    Winter Wonderful

    Performed by David Campbell & Raven Kane

    Husband-and-wife musical duo, legendary composer/arranger/conductor/musician David Campbell and singer-songwriter Raven Kane, create holiday magic in “Winter Wonderful.”


    Jingle Bells

    Performed by The Jive Aces

    Swing into the holiday spirit with The Jive Aces as they “jingle all the way” and make spirits bright from the Saint Hill Castle with “Jingle Bells.”


    Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy

    Performed by Mark Isham

    Grammy and Emmy award-winning musician/composer Mark Isham performs a beloved Christmastime favorite, Tchaikovsky’s “Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy.”



    Bundle of Joy to the World @home with Nataly

    Nataly is all ready for the Christmas holiday. In addition to the gifts Santa will bring, she’s expecting another precious gift delivery from a certain Christmas stork in the New Year.


    Hanging with Andre and His Tree @home

    Andre is busy beautifully adorning his living Christmas tree with lots of lights and his cherished ornament collection.


    Tree Trimming Tina @home

    Tina is a native of Taiwan now living in Melbourne. But no matter where she calls home, it’s Christmas—and that means decorating the tree.


    Dallas Lights Up the Night @home

    Dallas has been busy stringing Christmas lights across and around his trees and shrubs.


    Erick’s Revving Up to Wrapping Up @home

    Erick really wants to send everyone good cheer and wishes for a great new year—but he’s got to do it fast.


    Christmas Spirit @home with María Elena

    In the glow of the lights of her Christmas tree, María Elena positively exudes the warmth of the holidays.


    Christina’s Christmas Message @home

    Christina sends a message of hope and peace from Puebla. Her vision for the holiday is focused firmly on the future.


    That’s a Wrap for Jenna @home

    Jenna is busy wrapping Christmas gifts for her friends. One is for a fellow dog lover, so the box contains gifts for both Jenna’s friend and her friend’s dog!


    Bruno Goes for Numero Uno @home

    Budding guitarist Bruno’s father imparted an invaluable piece of advice to his son—“Practice.”


    Catherine’s DIY Christmas Decor @home

    Catherine creates a charming holiday adornment featuring pine branches, pine cones and a little glitter to add the festive Christmas spirit to her house.


    “O Tannenbaum” @home with Szidónia

    Szidónia brings that traditional Christmas carol, “O Tannenbaum,” to life by decorating her own “O Christmas Tree”!


    Twinkle, Twinkle, Treetop Star @home with Anna

    Anna and her two eager elves are busy decorating their Christmas tree.


    Candy Cane Lane @home with Cindy

    During the holiday season, Cindy loves to stroll through her neighborhood. The houses are festooned with enough Christmas decorations to turn the town into a winter wonderland—even if it is in sunny Southern California!


    Michelle’s Dazzling Display @home

    Michelle’s holiday spirit is set to full “dazzle mode”—and there’s no way Santa can miss her house.


    A Creative Christmas @home with Michael

    Michael and his family are busily creating Christmas decorations. While his son cuts out paper snowflakes (no two are alike!), his daughter graces the proceedings with a lovely impromptu Christmas dance.


    A Christmas Toy Story @home with Gustavo

    Gustavo is eagerly awaiting the arrival of Christmas, so in addition to the holiday decorations going up in his house, he’s fine-tuning his “playing skills” for the big day.


    Light Up the Night with Cara and Madison @home

    Cara and Madison are brightening up the holiday eves by hopping on the roof and stringing up Christmas lights on their house’s eaves.


    Natalya’s Holiday Decorations @home‑made!

    Natalya puts a new spin on the phrase “home for the holidays.” As in, “homemade for the holidays.”


    Sabina Illuminates the Holidays @home

    This holiday season, Sabina’s decoration motif is minimalistic and illuminated.


    Santa’s Little Helpers @home with Vance and Corwin

    Vance and Corwin are super excited to bake brownies for Christmas. And Santa will no doubt delight in their tasty treat during his visit—if he’s lucky enough to find any left.


    Santa’s Helper Hunor @home

    At this time of year, Hunor’s toy business is both quiet and busier than ever.


    North Pole in South Africa @home with Mpho

    Mpho lives in South Africa. And that’s a long way from the North Pole. So, the closest he gets to building a snowman is to draw one.


    Finn’s Talkin’ Turkey @home

    Finn and his mother have a delicious family tradition that involves a plump turkey, lots of butter and garlic galore.


    Yuletide on the Hot Side @home with Roelof

    Roelof is celebrating the holiday season in South Africa where Christmas falls during the hot summer months.


    Lighting Up the Holidays @home with Marguerite

    Marguerite creates a perfect holiday decoration in just a few simple steps.


    Coffee Smoothie with a Flourish @home with Sarah

    Sarah’s come up with a recipe for an amazing coffee smoothie. It’s as simple as loading her blender with the delectable ingredients.


    Christmas Tree Shopping with Sofia @home

    Sofia shops for the perfect Christmas tree, happily hauling it back to her home to begin the really fun part—decorating!


    Rumaldo Becomes Bold @home

    Rumaldo shed his shyness with the technology of Dianetics.


    Christmas Comes Early for Camila @home

    Camila’s not only done her Christmas shopping early, she’s done her Christmas wrapping way before the holiday.


    Dietlind’s Delightful Decorations @home

    Dietlind’s favorite time of year is Christmastime. She’s eager to get into the spirit of things, so she’s putting up festive decorations throughout her house.


    Caroling with Rebecca, Sarah and Ava @home

    The young ladies from the Fernandez family—Rebecca, Sarah and Ava—gather around the piano to sing some of their favorite Christmas carols.


    Glad Tidings from Gladis @home

    Gladis transforms her house into a holiday wonderland by putting the final touches on her holiday decorations.


    Holiday Hot Chocolate @home with Dash and Theo

    Dash and Theo are a couple of young hot chocolate connoisseurs.


    Dan Runs on Holiday Spirit @home

    The days are getting shorter in Minnesota. So, when Dan goes out for his run at 4:30 in the afternoon, it’s like running at night.


    Christmas Card Time @home with Teresa

    Teresa’s getting into the holiday spirit by writing Christmas cards to family and friends.


    Agustina Decks the Halls! @home

    Agustina is celebrating this time of year with lots of Christmas cheer! She adds a touch of holly and some sparkling ornaments, transforming an everyday household item into an elegant holiday decoration.


    Tyler’s Rippin’ on a RipStik @home

    Tyler hops on his RipStik—a cool two-wheeled skateboard you propel by wiggling the back—and practices his moves.


    Chrystina Spreads Christmas Cheer @home

    When Chrystina says she goes all out for the holidays, she means it! She puts decorations everywhere: the mantel, the dining table—you name it.


    Generations of Decorations @home with Emily

    Emily embraces her time at home because it means more time with her son, Benjamin.


    Sophia Safely Shops @home

    Sophia is ready to shop for a family meal! She’s got her mask, her gloves and her recipe listing all the ingredients.


    Khloé and Kiara’s Christmas Cupcakes @home

    Khloé and Kiara are a couple of cutie-pies making Christmas cupcakes. Their charm, skill and baking pointers could wind up earning these siblings their own TV program!


    Anita’s Special Delivery @home

    Anita crafts personalized greeting cards that never fail to bring joy to the lucky recipients.


    Jingling All the Way with Sharon @home

    Who says there’s nothing to sing about? Surely not Sharon. Oh, what fun it is to hear her sing a sleighing song tonight.


    Biscuits to the Stars @home with Jetro

    Jetro’s baking chocolate chip biscuits with a little holiday flair. Namely, he’s making them in the shape of stars and topping them off with red and green icing.

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