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    Voices for Humanity Retraces the Brutal Origins of Psychiatry with Bernd & Nicola

    Husband-and-wife activists Bernd Trepping and Nicola Cramer courageously take on the powerful vested interests of the psychiatric industry in the country where it all began, exposing its past crimes to stem its present-day corruption.

    Voices for Humanity Inspires Youth with Maite Marques

    In the Philippines, meth is one of the most commonly abused drugs. And with dealers working finance deals with their addicts, it is easier to buy drugs than a burger.

    Voices for Humanity Fights for Human Rights in The Gambia with Nfamara Jawneh

    For over two decades, the people of The Gambia suffered under a brutal dictatorship. In the year 2000, government soldiers fired live ammunition into a crowd of student protestors, ending a dozen young lives.

    Voices for Humanity Spotlights Star Power with María Lara

    María Lara, named one of the most beautiful artists in Colombia, gained international fame as a model and actress, appearing in some of the highest-rated shows in television history.

    Voices for Humanity Fights for Human Rights with Simone Hsu

    When endemic human rights abuses threatened 5,000 years of Chinese culture, Taiwan native Simone Hsu began a movement to bring human rights back to Asia.

    Voices for Humanity Combats Drugs with Khai Aziz

    Malaysia may be one of the world’s toughest countries when it comes to drugs. Owing to its proximity to the “Golden Triangle” of Burma, Laos and Thailand…

    Voices for Humanity Respects and Protects Human Rights with Christopher King

    In the third busiest hub for child sex trafficking in the U.S., Christopher King is called “The Gentleman of Tampa.”

    Voices for Humanity Exposes Medical Kidnapping with Allison Folmar

    The disturbing reality of “medical kidnapping” is a threat to every child in America.

    Voices for Humanity Joins Janice Storey in Telling Baja California Sur the Truth About Drugs

    Janice Storey and other residents of a small coastal town, sitting on a major drug trafficking route, take action.

    Voices for Humanity Brings Knowledge to Nigeria with Dr. Olatunde Odewumi

    It’s one of the most dangerous countries in the world with the third-largest youth population. Thirty-four percent of the people cannot read or write.

    Voices for Humanity Joins Jorge Perez de Tagle in Fighting Drugs and Crime in the Philippines

    In a country with a history of corruption, drug abuse, crime, violence and terrorism, business strategy consultant Jorge Perez de Tagle sees a solution after reading the book The Way to Happiness.

    Voices for Humanity Joins Fred Shaw in Fight for Human Rights

    Over 190 billion dollars are spent every year in the U.S. on mental health. Seventeen million American children have been determined to be mentally ill.

    Voices for Humanity Shines a Spotlight on Human Rights with Bollywood Star Sheena Chohan

    Actress and model Sheena Chohan courageously uses her fame to raise awareness and fight for human rights in South Asia.

    Voices for Humanity Hits the Streets with “Hope Dealer” V.J. Smith

    Minnesota’s crime rate is 88 percent higher than the national average. Nearly half the homeless population in the state is under 21.

    New Scientology Network Season Debuts

    The Scientology Network begins a bold new chapter with the debut of its second season at 8 p.m. on Monday, October 8, with more than 60 new episodes of programming showing every aspect of the world’s youngest major religion and its global humanitarian mission.