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    Meet a Scientologist Gets a Taste of Success with Pizza Entrepreneur Mr. Jim

    Jim Johnson, founder of MrJims.Pizza, a popular pizza chain operating across the US, serves up a slice-of-life story of his path to success.

    Meet a Scientologist Focuses on “Dream Team Directors” Bayou Bennett & Daniel Lir

    Bayou Bennett and Daniel Lir are a husband and wife filmmaking team who use the power of film to create stories that have a positive impact on society.

    Meet a Scientologist Gets a Taste of Japanese Culture with Masao & Yuki

    Masao Oyaizu and Yuki Mori are on a mission to preserve and share a cherished part of Japanese culture—the tradition of green tea.

    Meet a Scientologist Sets New Trends with George Kalajian

    George Kalajian literally wrote the book on pleating—an art that dates back to the Egyptian pharaohs and is today used by some of the world’s hottest fashion designers.

    Meet a Scientologist Sets Sail on the Seven Seas with Mike Lindgren

    Captain Mike Lindgren is an expert navigator and respected skipper of the Seven Seas, a 90-foot commercial fishing vessel that plies the Alaskan and Canadian Coast.

    Meet a Scientologist Feels the Beat with Michele Henderson

    Michele Henderson is an award-winning singer-songwriter hailing from the island of Dominica in the West Indies.

    Meet a Scientologist Explores the World of High-Tech Mining with Greg Kingdon

    At the urging of a business associate, Greg Kingdon walked into a copper mine in Australia one day and mining companies around the world have been benefiting ever since.

    Meet a Scientologist Brings the Impossible to Life with Christoph Roth

    Christoph Roth is an award-winning visual effects artist and producer whose work has appeared in some of Hollywood’s biggest blockbusters.

    Meet a Scientologist Hits New Heights with Lars Najbjerg

    As a boy, Lars Najbjerg always knew he was destined to take to the skies.

    Meet a Scientologist Gets in the Holiday Spirit with Pam Ryan-Anderson

    Every year, Pam Ryan-Anderson works to create a Winter Wonderland—complete with “snow”—in the Sunshine State.

    Meet a Scientologist Hits the Dance Floor with Evgeny Raev

    Charismatic and ultra-competitive, Evgeny Raev’s dazzling footwork and sizzling moves have earned him award after award in Latin-style ballroom dancing.

    Meet a Scientologist Clocks In with Stacy Sass

    Known among her crew simply as “Boss Lady,” Stacy Sass operates a family business—fabricating steel for infrastructure projects across America.

    Meet a Scientologist Gets Some Air with Bob Salerno

    Bob Salerno is one of the pioneers of freestyle skiing. Performing breathtaking aerial stunts and daredevil jumps brought him fame, world championships and led to his induction into the US Ski and Snowboard Hall of Fame.

    Meet a Scientologist Gets a Healthy Dose of the Petersens

    Drs. Rick and Vikki Petersen are a husband-and-wife team who have pioneered an integrative approach to medicine, going to the root causes of complex health problems.

    Meet a Scientologist Sees Nature’s Beauty with Terry Morrill

    Landscape designer, Terry Morrill, drifted from business to business, until he found his life’s purpose, creating exquisite natural sanctuaries.

    Meet a Scientologist Revs Up with Doc Wong

    Harry “Doc” Wong is a Bay Area motorcycle-riding chiropractor who’s attained celebrity status among motorcycle enthusiasts as the man who turned his passion for riding blazing-fast motorcycles into a series of courses that have equipped thousands with the necessary skills to ride safely.

    Meet a Scientologist Finds Adventure and Fun with Benjamin Nagengast

    Benjamin Nagengast is living his dream by helping people have fun. From zip-lining to tree-hopping to paintballing, the young entrepreneur has turned his passion for play and adventure into a successful business.

    Meet a Scientologist Feels the Beat with Hossam Ramzy

    Hailing from the land of the pyramids and journeying to the pinnacle of musical success, Hossam Ramzy is one of the world’s greatest percussionists, performing with the likes of Jimmy Page, Robert Plant and Peter Gabriel.

    Meet a Scientologist Dives in with Water Polo Champion Giulia Bartolini

    Giulia Bartolini is an Italian water polo champ, but when she first dove into the sport, coaches told her she wasn’t cut out for the extremely demanding game.

    Meet a Scientologist is “Feeling It” with Skateboarder Aaron Kyro

    Aaron Kyro has combined his dual passions of skateboarding and filmmaking to become an internet sensation.

    New Scientology Network Season Debuts

    The Scientology Network begins a bold new chapter with the debut of its second season at 8 p.m. on Monday, October 8, with more than 60 new episodes of programming showing every aspect of the world’s youngest major religion and its global humanitarian mission.