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    Victoria – Mexico

    Who are Scientologists? Meet Victoria, an artist from Mexico.

    “Scientology means to me being able to be myself—anywhere, with anyone, at any given time,” says Victoria. “I can say that the best thing that I’ve gotten from Scientology is happiness. Obviously people have rough times. But just to be able to look at life and feel like I can do something about it, instead of life doing something about me, is one of the most amazing feelings I’ve gained from Scientology.”

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    מבחן האישיות OCA והייעוץ ללא תשלום בנוגע לתוצאות ניתנים ללא שום מחויבות - זאת פשוט הזדמנות נהדרת ללמוד יותר בנוגע לעצמך.

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